Fresh start!

Things have happened since last time, so here’s take two!

To go into more detail of what’s actually happened. My webserver has for quite some time been susceptible to hackers it would seem. I’ve been keeping an eye on various files which has been placed on my webserver without my knowledge and mostly been able to deal with it. But what happened last week is that my webhost, of all people decided to do stuff without telling me first. Which resulted in the loss of my previous WP installation. This means alot of my posts and other content got lost. This is bad, but also good. Good in what way you might ask. Well, this means I can start from scratch and the first thing I’ve done this time around is to increase security measures. Hopefully, this time it’ll be harder for hackers to exploit my website.

I must admit though, that by the looks of it they got main access via FTP. There’s not much I can do about it, which boils down to my web host. Maybe I should look into what kind of security they can provide me. Since I am after all a paying customer.

In any case, I will try to post more often than I have the past years. I’ve mostly updated sporadically and I’ll try to change that.

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