WiMP now offers lossless music!

If you are into music and you prefer music in nice quality, here’s a piece of good news! WiMP offers their music in lossless format. They are the first of the music streaming services available who offer it, so lets hope that others will do so soon as well.

If you’re not quite sure if this makes a big difference or not, take a look at their promotion video for the service. Though the difference there doesn’t sound that big, I can assure you, that with a good stereo setup/high-end headphones the difference is like night and day.

Now, before someone starts bringing out their flamethrowers to flame, please bear in mind that this is NOT a true representation of the differences. Since YouTube doesn’t provide their videos with lossless codec, the end result will be lossy. But it should give you a general idea of how big the differences can be.

I hope though, that Spotify will provide the same in the near future, by that I mean audio in lossless format.

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