Battlefield 4 is released!

Battlefield 4 has been out for a little over a day or so officially. Probably over a week if you pre-purchased it. So far I’ve gone through the storyline and played some multiplayer. What I can tell you so far is that the graphics have gotten a facelift. It’s not that big of a change compared to what it was from BFBC to BF3, but it’s still noticeable. You’ll also notice that physics are a bit better and general destruction of the environment, or levolution as DICE named it, is much better. It’s always awesome to watch the big skyscraper fall to the ground.

The storyline in the game is also quite good. It follows a traditional route, just switch russians with the chinese. (the russians still play a part in it though) The bad things with the storyline, is how easy it is to feel the scripting. Like you know exactly what will trigger an event to happen and so forth, so its very easy to predict whats going to happen. But I guess thats inevitable in games such as this. Thats about the only complaint I have, since FPS games focus mostly on the multiplayer part, so that they’ve taken the time to create a single player part is just a bonus.

There are also new things added to the multiplayer section when it comes to unlocking weapons, gadgets and so forth so be sure to check that out!

To finish this post off, take a look at this gem with some awesome (and funny) BF3 footage with commentary!

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