Blade & Soul: Easy way to level your first purple ring

Hai ho!

I’ve recently begun to play BnS on the chinese release. Thus far I’m trying to fumble around not knowing any chinese except ni hao and xiexie. But that doesn’t put me off from trying!

Anyway, as far as I’ve understood upgrading your gear/accessories in this game is very important and will keep you running about doing stuff throughout the game, so finding good places to grind for stuff can be difficult. Though in my search I think I’ve stumbled upon a good way to level your first purple ring (quest reward) and get ready for the evolve. Take a look at the image below for the location.

Songnam Island instance

What I’ve found that’s good about this place, is that it always gives you a ring as a reward when finished. It’s a blue one and gives a good amount of EXP to feed your first ring.


In the image above starting from the left you’ll see:

  1. The purple ring you’ll want to grow with feeding it other rings.
  2. The chest reward for clearing the instance.
  3. The ring you will always get from it.

Just keep on farming it and you’ll get it to MAX level in no time. In addition, you will get plenty of other drops while doing it, making it a good opportunity to upgrade your weapon/earring/necklace.

Hope it helps a bit! πŸ™‚


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