Blade & Soul China: Exchange Merchant Outfit


Ever wondered how to get hold of the costume below ? Well, I’m here to help you out!


The dobok you need to wear
The dobok you need to wear

Its rather simple to get, it just requires you to do some grinding. Shouldn’t be to time consuming depending on your level. What you need to get it, is a special exchange token. This is dropped by spawning a kind of boss in Bamboo Village. To do this, you need to wear the dobok below and kill guards.

You need to kill 10 guards to spawn him. In addition, he always brings 1 forcemaster and 1 blademaster alongside himself. Take them out first.

You need a total of 40 coins and he drops 2 each time. So it’ll take some time to get it, but it’s worth it, isn’t it ? The outfits are so nice in this game!

Hope you find it useful and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

The boss and the token he drops.
The boss and the token he drops.
    1. Silly

      You’re welcome! Not sure how many guides I’ll make tho. I haven’t played BNS in a while now. Guess I don’t want to play to much in anticipation for a EU/US release. ^^

    1. Silly

      Ah no, that isn’t possible. As the boss spawns after you’ve killed a certain number of guards its kind of a lottery draw. Its best to do this either in a group, or a channel with low population. πŸ™‚

  1. 2

    Only 1/4 true, while your wearing the uniform, other players wearing the uniform of the bamboo village can attack you while your killing mobs, boss, mini-boss. It is extremly difficult to solo the boss unless you are level 35+. Your chances of success are very very very very very very very very very very slim because there are so many level 45’s trying to kill you to get their uniform.

    1. Silly

      Not sure if I agree with you. Usually there are other players around doing the same, so just team up with them. If there’s to many lv.45s harassing you, just switch to a less crowded channel. I had no problem soloing stuff as lv.30 assassin, and assa is the weakest class PvE wise. xD

  2. Leviii

    im playing on russian server…right now i have 40 of these coins for buying the outfit but i cant…keeps telling me i dont have enough…any tips on that??

  3. E-Major

    Hi, started playing on the RU server recently and I’ve noticed that that merchant is glitched. When you try to exchange it always gives you the item 2 spaces ABOVE what you clicked on.
    It appears to be doing this:

    1. First when you click it checks to see if you have the tokens. If you don’t it pops an error otherwise it moves on.
    (This is the glitched part)
    2. The selection moves 2 spaces up.
    3. It checks AGAIN if you have the tokens. If not it pops an error.

    So in short in order to buy an item you need the tokens for the item 2 spaces below it AND the tokens for said item.
    I believe it only actually uses the tokens for the item that you get. (Still need to test this)

    Trying to find fix and still need to test it out more but was able to purchase all of the bo-pae tiles except the last 2 this way. If anyone has any way to get around this I would appreciate it as it’s FRICKEN irritating having to collect 40 guard tiles BEFORE i can get the last 2 bo-pae,

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