Spotify removes listening limit – Worldwide!

Up until today Spotify had a limit on how much time you could spend listening to free music before you had to pay for a subscription. That limit was lifted today, worldwide! The reason behind this is in an attempt to strengthen their reach globally.  The limit is in effect all over the globe, across each platform which is supported by Spotify.

As has been normal before, if you don’t have an active subscription you still will have to endure the commercials which occur every now and then. Spotify believes that the end user will eventually pay a subscription to end the annoying commercials. I for one agree to that view. I gladly pay the monthly fee of 15,67$ or 11,55€ so I don’t have to listen to them. Think about it, you have millions of tracks available. In addition you can sync your playlists for offline play, across multiple devices.

Now the only thing I’m missing which Spotify currently doesn’t offer, is FLAC support. Hopefully it’ll come in the future!

Source: http://news.spotify.com/no/2014/01/15/no-more-time-limits-on-spotify-freeyourmusic/


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